Friday Nov. 9
NASCENT Friday Seminar - P-1A.8-T-A, P-1G and P-2A
12:30 to 2 p.m.
UT Austin | Pickle Research Campus | MER 160 | Room 2.114

Please join us for the GRA project presentations by the speakers noted below. Paras will lead off, having been previously precluded from presenting due to time constraints.


Thrust 1 - Process Technologies

Thrust Project No. P-1A: R2R Nanofabrication of Display Photonics

Related Testbed(s): R2R Nanosculpting

Sub-project numbers

Sub-project title

Primary Student(s) or Postdoc(s)

Supervising professor(s)


A Nanoprecision Stitching System for Large Area Nanoimprint Templates

Paras Ajay

S.V. Sreenivasan

Thrust Project No. P-1G:  WS Nanofabrication of Advanced CMOS Logic Devices

Related Testbed(s): R2R and WS Nanosculpting; and R2R/WS Nanosculpting Simulators with UQ


Deep wet etching of silicon to create high aspect ratio sub-10 nm FinFETS

Akhila Malavarapu

S.V. Sreenivasan


Sub-10 nm half-pitch Block Copolymers for FinFETs

Qingjun Zhu

Grant Willson

Thrust 2 - Metrology & Yield Enhancement

Thrust Project No. P-2A: R2R Optical Metrology for Nanopatterned Substrates

Related Testbed(s): WS and R2R Optical Scatterometry; Sub Wavelength Resolution Optical Microscopy


Wafer-scale and R2R Optical Scatterometry

Juan Faria

Steve Brueck


Wafer-scale and R2R Optical Imaging Interferometric Microscopy

Preyom Dey

Steve Brueck