Fall 2019 Project Presentations

NASCENT students and postdocs give weekly presentations on recent NASCENT nanomanufacturing advances to one another, and also to the NASCENT Industrial Advisory Board Members (IAB).  NASCENT researchers and IAB members may attend the recordings in real time in person or via webinar.  The videos shown below are from the Fall, 2019 semester.

Video recordings of these presentations, as well as soft copies of the presentation files, are made available below.  If you’re with an outside company, and are interested in gaining access to these student and postdoc presentations, please contact us here.


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September 20, 2019

Ziam Ghaznavi, "R2R Nanofabrication of Metal Mesh TCEs", at 00:06
Myungsoo Kim, "2D-based Nano-devices and Flexible System", at 28:45
David Cayll, "MEMS Dynamic Mechanical Analyser for Nanoscale 3D Printed Polymers", at 46:50

September 27, 2019

Chon Hei Lam, "Selective ALD/ALE for R2R Nanofabrication", at 00:06
Nan Hong, "R2R Graphene Transfer Machine Design", at 12:40
Yang Ban, "Reduced Order Models & Simulations for R2R UV Imprint Scale-up", at 32:30
Jacob Sporrer, "High Speed Printing of Nanomaterials", at 46:00
Mallika Bariya, "Towards Decoding Sweat - High-Throughput Microfluidi Patches for Regional Sweat Analysis", 59:00

October 4, 2019

Kristianto Tjiptowidjojo, "Modeling and Simulation of Gravure Printing", at 00:06
Kelly Liang, "Nanomanufacturing fo Thin-film Poly-Silicon Transistors", at 22:15
Parth N. Panday, "Nanoscale Roll-to-Roll Registration and Replication", at 37:15
Martin Ward, "Wafer Scale Exfoiation of Monocrystalline Microscale Silicon Films", at 53:00

October 11, 2019

Xiao Wang, "Nanostructuring and Charge Transport in Thin Film Transistors", at 00:06
Carlos Favela, "High Performance Electronic Materials", at 19:45
Mariana Castaneda, "Metal Assisted Chemical Etching for Applications in DRAM", at 37:20
Ji Yeon Kim, "2-Brush Hybrid Directed Self-Assembly of Silicon-Containing Block Copolymers", at 55:55
Rik Dey, "Advanced Skyrmion Magnetic Memory", at 1:12:40

October 25, 2019

Xin Yang, "Wafer-scale Selective ALD", at 00:06
Himmi Nallan, "ALD of Metals for STT Applications", at 12:50
Akhila Mallavarapu, "Wafer-scale Metal Assisted Chemical Etching for Applications in FinFETs", at 29:20
Qingjun Zhu, "Influence of Top Coat on DSA Pattern Quality", at 48:00
Brennan Coffey, "ALE of Metals for CMOS Logic", at 1:06:25

November 1, 2019

Brian Gawlick, "Large Area Photonic Device Functional Nanometrology", at 00:06
Juan Faria, "Optical  Angular Scatterometry: In-line Approach for R2R Nano fabrication Systems", at 23:50
Xumei Wang, "Metrology of Nanostructured Patterns Using Liquid Drop Dynamics", at 41:15

November 8, 2019

Isaac Stricklin, "Developing SiO2 Waveguides for Cantilevers", at 00:06
Liam G. Connolly, "Next Steps in High-Speed Control for Dynamic Tip-based Nanometrology in R2R Manufacturing", at 16:50
Yongjian Zhou, "Stacking Order Drive Rydberg Nonlinear Optics in ReS2", at 35:25
Brandon Smith, "Optothermal Spectroscopty of Monolayer MoS2 AND Scanning Probe Microscopy of Moiré Graphene", at 51:25
Qianru Jia, "Tip based Thermal Metrology for Flex Devices and Thermal Management Materials", at 1:10:00

November 22, 2019

Xilan Zhu, "Simulation and Demonstration of Directed Self Assembly of Nanoparticles", at 00:06
Steven Stanley, "Identifying the LImits of Marangoni-Driven Patterning", at 14:05
Joe Toombs, "Tomographic Computed Axial Lithography (CAL) at Microscale and Towards R2R", at 38:40
"Alvin" Chi Chung Li, "3D Holographic Lithography with Photoinitiation ad Photoinhibition Holograms", at 58:20
Preyom Dey, "Optical Imaging Interferometric Microscopy", at 1:18:00