Fall 2015 Project Presentations

NASCENT students and postdocs give bi-weekly presentations on recent NASCENT nanomanufacturing advances to one another, and also to the NASCENT Industrial Advisory Board Members (IAB).  NASCENT researchers and IAB members may attend the recordings in real time in person or via webinar.  The videos shown below are from the Fall, 2015 semester.

Video recordings of these presentations, as well as soft copies of the presentation files, are made available below.  If you’re with an outside company, and are interested in gaining access to these student and postdoc presentations, please contact us here.



Open a new browser window to access the files from a Box folder



Project P-1A: “Limits of Nanoshape Control,” August 28, 2015

Project P-1B:  “2D/3D Nanopatterning with Large-Area Registration,” and Project P-1C:  “Predictive Patterning Simulations,” September 4, 2015

Project P-1D:  “Adapt R2R Patterning for Nanophotonics,” and Project P-1E:  “Adapt R2R Patterning for Nanoelectronics,” September 11, 2015

Project P-2A:  “Reliable Processes for Controlled 2D Nanomaterials,” September 18, 2015

Project P-2B: “Limits of Precision in Functional Material Directed Assembly,” and Project P-2D: “Predictive Models for Functional Nanomaterials,” October 2, 2015

Project P-2C: “Reliable Processes for Controlled 0D/1D Nanomaterials,” October 9, 2015

Project P-3A: “Optical Large Area Pattern and Functional Nanometrology,” October 16, 2015

Project P-3B: “Tip Based Pattern and Magnetic Nanometrology,” October 23, 2015

Project P-3C: “Particle Diagnostics and Mitigation for Yield Enhancement,” October 30, 2015