Title: Roll to Roll Manufacture of Flexible Multi-component Electronics Assemblies


Dr Johnson will present recent progress in high volume manufacture of electronic assemblies using roll to roll processes. Processes for electronics assembly onto flexible substrates are well established but the scaling up to higher volumes and continuous roll to roll manufacture is still at an relatively early stage. CPI have implemented a roll to roll fabrication line which includes roll to roll rotary screen print and multi-component electronics assembly and test. This allows manufacture of a wide range of complex functionalities from single bare die RFID tags to data-logging smart packaging. It is also possible to assemble large area assemblies of tens of meter in length.

As well as discussing the functionality of the roll to roll assembly line, examples of high volume manufacture will be described including a large area RGB LED wallpaper for use in a lift, a low cost NFC tag integrated onto a paper label for fast moving consumer goods and a high functionality data logging smart label for pharmaceutical applications.

The challenges of scale up will be discussed and solutions presented. We also discuss the challenges of roll to roll electronics test and describe newly commissioned equipment for this purpose at CPI. A roll to roll test system including mixed signal and RF test capability is outlined and examples provided of the use of this tool.


Dr Simon Johnson is the Chief Technologist within Electronics at CPI in the UK. In his current role Simon acts as a knowledge expert in Printable and Flexible Electronics, supporting strategic and development activities in the business.  While at CPI Simon has lead the development of processes for the assembly of hybrid flexible electronic systems including printed sensors, wireless sensor systems and roll to roll circuit design. In previous roles as an academic at the University of Durham and also in industry, Simon has worked in many aspects of electronics from CMOS IC design and development to electronic systems and software development.