Nanotechnology Summer Program

In 2016 and 2017 the NASCENT Center hosted a 1-week Pre-College Summer Program for rising high school students interested in engineering and nanotechnology.  More program details are listed below and available in the Program Flyer.

Program Highlights

  • Students will access and use state of the art nanofabrication cleanroom facilities, nanotech tools and equipment funded through the National Science Foundation for the NASCENT Engineering Research Center
  • Be mentored by internationally recognized faculty, researchers, and industry leaders
  • Learn about cutting edge nanofabrication techniques, nanomaterials, & nano-enabled devices in electronics, healthcare, energy sectors
  • Build your resume and get a jump start on college application preparation
  • Present your work to a scientific audience
  • Gain valuable experience performing research
  • Learn how to think like a true innovator
  • Have fun!!!!

Research Themes

  • Flexible Nanoelectronics
  • Nanomedicine
  • Nanoscale Energy Systems

Application Details & Logistics

This is a day program, no overnight lodging provided.

  • Dates:  The next program dates are pending. No applications are being accepted at this time.
  • Location:  The NASCENT Center, UT Austin Pickle Research Campus, 10100 Burnet Road, Building 160, Austin TX  78758.
  • Designed For:  Rising 10th – 12th graders.
  • Application Deadline:  TBD
  • Cost:  $850
  • Scholarships:  A limited number of needs based scholarships are available.  Instructions on how to apply are noted in the application form.
  • Questions?  Contact Risa Hartman at:  rhartman “at”

See what past participants had to say!

“I learned a lot about nanotechnology and was thoroughly exposed to its many applications. I saw many different perspectives from different speakers on nanotechnology in their careers. We did  hands-on research labs that created products that we could keep, and helped us visualize and experience these processes.”

“I had many take-a-ways from the week but one of the most significant was a  new understanding of how much more there is to the practice of engineering than equations and lab work. There is a lot of skill needed to identify the right questions to answer, the societal aspects, and the business/entrepreneurship skills needed.”

“It was an action packed week where we interacted with and were mentored by professors and graduate students. I learned so much about nanotechnology and how it is effecting our world. I really enjoyed working in research teams and creating the final presentation of our work. I was able to experience different aspects of engineering and really got a lot out of the week.”

See what parents had to say!

“I have never seen my child blossom so much after just one week. My child was skeptical about coming, she did not have the confidence but this made her feel like that anything that was presented, she could accomplish it. The mentor was an incredible influence on her and has made attending college in engineering a real possibility.”

“I knew this week would be an incredible experience for my child. Having access to Professor SV was a tremendous advantage and my child understood that not all summer programs have outstanding professors working with high school students.”

“It was the best experience my daughter has had during the summer. Every day the ride home was filled with stories of working the lab, working with the mentor. It was great!”

“With each day my child talked about his confidence in doing the work. It sparked a new interest in pursuing engineering after high school. It made for a very exciting summer.”

“My child is very curious so after each day the evening was spent on the computer researching more about the project and information/research that was provided during the day. The time spent during the week was very positive and we always had something to talk about at dinner.”